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he Blue Bay Villas complex is located in the area of Agia Paraskevi which took its name from the homonymous church located there. It is very close to the airport of the island, just 1.5 km away. Starting from our accommodation you can easily tour the island and get to know all the villages and beaches of Santorini. Each with its special beauty and its special physiognomy is sure to enchant you.


The secular Kamari just 2 km from Blue Bay Villas. It has one of the most popular beaches of the island. The black volcanic beach will be unforgettable. As well as walking along the coastal road with cafes, restaurants and shopping shops. It is worth eating in one of them and relaxing by having a drink overlooking the sea and the mountain on top of which stands Ancient Thera.


Fira, the beautiful Cycladic town, is 7 km from Blue Bay Villas. Picturesque and classy. Traditional and modern. The capital of Santorini has many faces and all are remarkable. Discover them by walking in the cobbled streets of the shopping center. Admire the unique caldera and the unsurpassed view of the volcano. Enjoy the morning and evening because they are never the same.


And of course you will visit Oia. It is located 19.5 km from Blue Bay Villas. Famous for the sunset, as many believe that here you will see the most beautiful west. Here the sun is lost in the bay of Oia and paints sky and sea with indelible colors. But Oia has much more to show you. A lovely cave settlement, dug into the rocks of the caldera and a neighborhood with elaborate mansions of captains.


Monolithos is located at a distance of 2.5 km. from our band. The beach with golden sand and shallow waters is suitable for young children and for those who do not know good bathing. Here are some fish taverns where you will find fresh fish and traditional recipes.


Imerovigli is 11 km away. from our band. It is worth visiting the famous village that dominates the highest point of the caldera. The view is unique.


Akrotiri is 14 km from our complex and is located on the south side of the island. Here you will visit the most important archeological site of the island. The prehistoric settlement that survives in very good condition and is considered the Pompeii of Greece. Also, it is worth going to the Lighthouse of Akrotiri and admire the wonderful view.

Unique Destination

Pyrgos is 7 km from Blue Bay Villas. The traditional village is famous among others, for the famous mansions which are unique architectural ornaments for the area. While on the top of the mountain stands the monastery of Prophet Elias. It is worth visiting and admiring the panoramic view from the highest peak of the island.

・ The beach of Perivolos and Perissa the natural continuation
they are located 14 km from our complex. The famous beaches with the extensive black volcanic sand will enchant you. The clean waters and the possibilities for water sports are the best for the sea lovers.

・ Megalochori at a distance of 9,5 km. it’s a nice proposition for a walk. The traditional village is ideal for walking and daydreaming as the cobbled streets and old neighborhoods awaken nostalgic memories. While in the village taverns you will taste fine traditional recipes.

・ And of course an excursion that every visitor of the island has to make to complete his acquaintance with the island is the one in Volcano. Choose a traditional boat or a modern catamaran and visit the volcanic island. Walk – about 40 minutes – to the craters and you will remember it forever. Swim in the Hot Thermal Waters. Also a unique experience. Live it!

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